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2019-04-04 09:41

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** spoiler alert ** (Im a spoiler(and 'spoiler' is just an understatement)!!..Beware) -PERSPECTIVE OF RASHEL AND QUINN- A vampire hunter known as 'The Cat'..Mostly scared of in NightWorld..Always leaves marks on the victims she kills.. And A ice cold vampire named Quinn..The vampire who all vampire hunters knew by reputation..Deadly..Pitiless.. Are soulmates. Ending: Timmy turns out to be alive.Rashel and Quinn are soulmates till the day they die. Characters: Rashel Jordan: human,her mother and brother died when she turned five on the night of her party,dark hair,eyes were green-green as emeralds, tall,saw a vampire drain timmy and knock her mother dead,when the vampire set her aunt's house on fire rashel made it out..but aunt didnt,seventeen,a vampire hunter(in memory of her mother),killed her first vampire at the age of twelve,goes to Wassaguscus High,known as 'The Cat' to Night people..the one Night people are scared of the most(she always leaves marks on vampires she kills..5 slashes),taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),kills vampires with her special bokken(jappeneese sword),starts feeling sympathy for vampires when she knocked out Quinn,felt a electric shock when she tryed to kill Quinn(soulmates),distracted the Lancers so Quinn could escape,since she let Quinn escape the first time she has to find the kidnapped girls herself(so she goes back to the warehouses),is mind-control resistant,comes up with a plan to get chosen and kidnapped along with other vampire hunters(but none would help her so she decides to go alone but then daphne wanted to help rashel at the club and agreed to get chosen again with rashel) and taken to the vampire enclave(so she can wipe out all the vampires and stop the slave trade),agrees to let Daphne go with her to the club and get chosen, uses a fake name when she goes to the club(Shelly),gets chosen by Quinn with daphne,stepped on Ivan's foot before leaving,makes a plan to free every girl and get them off the island in boats(is sucessful but she doesnt leave with them),finds out hunter redfern was the vampire that killed her mother. Timmy Jordan: human,Rashel's little brother(one month younger),silky black hair, blue eyes,and a very sweet smile,'Okay. I'll wait' were the last words he ever said to rashel,killed by a vampire man on rashel's 5th b-day,turns out to be alive as a vampire,hunter got timmy to believe humans are worthless and that rashel never cared for him,gets forced out of the burning mansion by rashel and onto a wharf, trapped in a four-year-old body. Mrs.Jordan: human,timmy's and rashel's mom,'Okay, kitten,but take care of Timmy.He's not as fast as you are.' were the last words she ever said to rashel,heard rashel scream and came looking for her..then got mind-controled by a vampire and then killed on rashel's 5th b-day,dark hair. Aunt Corinne: human,the only family rashel had left after timmy and her mom died,old,died the night of rashel's 5th bday(the vampire came back and set the house on fire and aunt corinne never made it out). Pal: Rashel's dog. Elliot: human,few years older than rashel,thin, with intense eyes and little shiny glasses that were always slipping off his nose,knows about the NightWorld,vampire hunter,started the Lancers. Vicky: human,brown-haired girl,pale blue eyes,vampire hunter(member of the Lancers),was the leader of a group on the south shore,Elliot's new second-in-command,taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),likes to kill vampires slowly and make them talk(torture). Steve: human,member of Lancers,blond hair, muscular shoulders,and a steady expression,taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),a guy of few words. Nyala: human,member of Lancers,skin like cocoa and a faraway look in her eyes,had a small queenly head, with hair piled on the back like Nef-ertiti's crown,lost her sister(thats why she wants to be a vampire hunter),taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),got kidnapped for the feast,turns out to be still on the island and she set the whole mansion on fire,saved by Quinn. John Quinn: made-vampire,from boston,eighteen,about Rashel's height and compact,pale,dark hair,the Redfern heir,good-looking,clean features that were strongly chiseled but almost delicate,charming,body that was lithe and flat-muscled,loved the sunny pastures and the clear blue water of the wilderness,had a crush on Dove Redfern,pitiless as a snake,is the one the Lancers are chasing(the one on Mission Hill), kidnapps human girls that wouldnt be missed and left them in warehouses on Mission Hill(for the feast..which is a day where vampires come and feed),suprised Steve and Vicky while they were on the lookout(got into a fight with them), was knocked out by rashel and taken to a cellar by vicky..steve.. nyala..and rashel,started talking to rashel when he regained conciousness,was almost finished unwrapping rashel's scarf off her face but got interuppted(so he doesnt know what she even looks like yet..except that shes tall),one of the most dangerous vampires in all the Night World,every vampire hunter knew Quinn by reputation,when he was going to kill rashel she shoved him and he felt a electrick shock(soulmates),had to run away because the Lancers were after him,hasnt been to the club since the day he kidnapped daphne but then decides to go back there the night rashel goes there to be chosen,saves rashel from rudi then gets knocked out by her(she was going to kill him but couldnt)..but gained conciousness later and catched up to rashel,wants to turn rashel into a vampire(b/c the NightWorld law says u cant love a human),bit rashel without getting her approval,when the mansion went on fire he went back in the mansion for Nyala to save rashel for doing it. Ivan: vampire,is in charge of taking care of the kidnapped girls in the warehouses every few hours,kept the girls and fed them to do the slave trade later on,taking the kidnapped girls to a secret vampire enclave..then on a boat,was about to drain rashel but Quinn stopped him(the humans had to be in perfect condition for the slave trade). Lily: vampire,evil,striking girl with dark hair,very pale skin,and eyes like amber or topaz,takes care of the girls in the warehouses and then takes them to an island for the feast,cold-hearted. Hunter Redfern: vampire,was the one to turn Quinn into a vampire, Quinn's adopted father,the upholder of Night World law,the one who colonized America with vampires back in the sixteen hundred,vampire, tall,handsome,had hair as red as blood and eyes that shone gold,golden hawk-like eyes,drained timmy and knocked rashel's mom dead in front of rashel,was trying to mind-control rashel into going to him so he can kill her(just like he did to timmy),ran away when parents started walking after him cause rashel was screaming,killed human kids foolishly,was the one who set up the bloodfeast. Maeve Harman: the witch who had mingled her blood with the lamia, mother of dove..roseclear..lily..and garnet,raising roseclear away from hunter. Roseclear: growing up as a witch,lives with Maeve Harman,youngest of dove..garnet..and lily. Garnet: vampire,the oldest daughter of hunter,was about as interesting as a stick of wood,wine-colored hair. Dove Redfern: vampire(lamia),pretty,soft brown hair,gentle,loving,was Quinn's lover,agreed to go with Quinn for quinn to tell his father the truth about what happened to him(that he got turned into a vampire), killed by Quinn's human father(the father was a minister and he had to get rid of evil anywhere) when the father realized vampires were real, died in front of Quinn looking up into his eyes for the last time. Rudi: werewolf,stays on the island and watches over the chosen girls,about Rashel's age,had bushy brown hair,Rudi meant "famous wolf" in Hungarian,gets forced to unlock the doors then knocked out by rashel but got concious again and went after rashel(but Quinn stopped him from killing her). Maya: the legendary first vampire. Daphne Childs: human,slender,blond hair,big and innocent cornflower blue eyes under heavy lashes,face was round and sweet,small,was one of the girls that were kidnapped by Quinn and stored in warehouses, partying girly-girl kind of girl,knows about vampires(since she got kidnapped by some),live in Somerville,was saved from the vampires by rashel,sixteen/seventeen yrs old,got four sisters and two brothers,is mind-control resistant,tells rashel all about the club and how to get chosen and gives rashel a poem and helps rashel get a look so she could go to the club and get chosen,knows rashel needs help at the club so daphne goes there and agrees to help rashel get chosen and her also again,rashel's first friend ever,gets chosen by Quinn again but this time with rashel,didnt want to leave rashel behind at the island but rashel made her go. Mamie: human,about rashel's size,one of Daphne's friends. Juanita: human,wavy bronze hair and bee-stung lips,goes to the club, been chosen and kidnapped for the feast,knows about vampires. Missy: human,towhead,with flyaway hair and Bambi eyes,about twelve,been chosen and kidnapped for the feast,knows about vampires. Fayth: human learning how to do spells,flaming red hair,wistful eyes, and a diffident manner,been chosen and kidnapped for the feast,not scared of whats going to happen to her,knows about vampires,a Daybreaker. Annelise: originally a native of Denmark,done the race circuit in Antigua,can handle a boat,eighteen/nineteen,blond, long-legged, and built like a Valkyrie,was one of the girls kidnapped for the feast. Keiko: was one of the girls kidnapped for the feast,young(Thirteen), grew up around boats,tiny,with hair like black silk and a rosette mouth,born on Nantucket,parents have a Ciera Sunbridge. Facts: -Lancers-one of the most of vampire hunters on the east coast. -Night World slave trade had been banned a long time ago-back in medieval days,the Council apparently had decided that kidnapping humans and selling them to Night People for food or amusement was just too dangerous. -The Feast: a feast for vampires. A big celebration, a banquet.Three courses each. -Spring equinox: The day Maya bit Thierry(the first made-vampire known in history).

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